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Our Instagram:  @bellaclanbordercollies

If you have a Bellaclan Border Collie and would like your instagram featured on this page please email me a picture, write up and your instagram handle.


HUDSON, PAYTON & RORY (Instagram @Bellheirbordercollies)

(Jackson X Dime 2015), (Paden X Sasha 2018) and (Calvin X Tyra 2019)

I am so happy with them! All three dogs have different temperaments but they are exactly what you said they would be and more! Hudson is my heart dog and a true partner in life. Payton is a lover of all and incredibly smart, a perfect embassador of the breed Rory keeps everyone entertained.

Rachel Brunet



Co-owns GCH Bellaclan Take The Cake RN CGN & CH Bellaclan Husslin Like My Daddy CGN

I adopted Bellaclan Take The Cake "Sprinkles" from Laura as an older puppy (4 months) she was picked to be my first show dog. I was so excited that Laura trusted me with this special puppy and we've already had some amazing adventures together. At our first show at 6 months old Sprinkles got her first points, a 2 pt major! I was so proud of her and I felt like we won the whole show! Sprinkles is always happy and "photo bombing" the photos. I am so happy with my choice of going with Laura for my first showing experience. Not only did she provide me with the best dog she has been there every step of the way support us in every decision we make.

Lindsay and Sprinkles



(Denali X Tina 2016)

Jackson is a wonderful boy, very loving, and we absolutely love him. He had a great two weeks at a cottage this summer and is so attached to me he road on a paddle board with me.  He is also a great swimmer.  He has ample opportunity to be outdoors every day, and has concluded that his job is to herd the squirrels in the back yard. He loves other dogs and has many playmates.  One in particular is a border collie and they herd each other and play quite rough and when they are tired the munch on each others heads. Jackson has been to a puppy obedience class, and has now skipped level one, and is in level two obedience and doing well.

​Lee Laing



(Jackson X Kya 2013)

Everyone we meet wants to keep pippin. She never gets into anything, never has accidents in the house, she'll drop a steak to check on the kids if one yells and she thinks they're in trouble. She can't let them go in the yard without her. I'm glad i work at home i hate to leave her, if we do go out she'll just sit in the window and wait for us. She's super smart and is desperate for the cats to play with her. Loves to play with other dogs but always tests the waters, if they seem unfriendly at all she's gone. Only barks at strangers at the door and just to let us know someone's here. She hugs everyone. Loves to swim, got to swim with the kids this summer she was so happy but kept trying to take the rope and float that marked the swim area. She loves ropes. Most toys. Balls especially with squeakers. When Adam leaves early in the morning for work she hops up in bed with me and snuggles. If she did something she's not supposed to like knocking something over when she plays she'll put her head and tail down. She won't go near little wee ones under say 15-18 months, she's very careful to avoid them so she doesn't knock them over or whatever even if they chase her she'll calmly try to weave away. She even refuses to get too close to a pregnant woman. It's just her instinct we've never had to train her for it. I just couldn't imagine life without her.

Sorry I can't help going on about her, but you had her for the first almost 5 months of her life. She's connected to you. I actually have her family tree certificate, her blue ribbon and obedience certificate, and some awesome pics a lady at our obedience classes took all displayed for everyone to see. 

​Nicole Parent



(Jackson X Kya 2013)

My apologies for not contacting you sooner and an update on Poppy. We were selling 2 properties this past summer, and my only computer is at our new property in Kelowna, which we are busy finishing the basement and landscaping now so hoping to be more settled soon. We can hardly remember our life before Poppy--she has become a member of our "team" and has fitted in perfectly. Almost from day one she has had to be both a "country mouse" and a "city mouse" traveling between 2 properties, and she absolutely loves to travel and knows when we are packing the truck with her kennel, she can hardly wait to get going. Amazingly, she curls up in a ball and sleeps most of the trip, I think the motion and sound of the truck lulls her to sleep. Our experience of picking her up at the airport was similar. After we fed and watered her she slept most of the 8 plus hours on the drive back to Kelowna. I don't know if all your pups are such good travellers, but Poppy most certainly wins the "best traveller ever" award.  I hope to get some pictures to you next month when our son Richie comes for a visit. He would have all the techno at hand to scan and email you the pictures as I am still limping along with my old relic of a computer.

Best Regards,



FINDLEY (Instagram: @findleythebordercollie)

(Parker X June 2014)

Hey Laura! I just want to say thank you sooo much for working hard when Findley was a pup and playing with her paws and having her conditioned for future visits to the groomer. I have continued to do regular grooming every 5-6 weeks and honestly Findley gets soo many compliments on how well she does!! There’s never any fuss and we have had multiple requests to return to different shops! It makes things so much better knowing she’s not anxious during these appointments. She’s great in the car (and I know you do car rides when they are little). She honestly loves travelling and it’s the greatest because I can enjoy taking her with me to explore so many different environments! 😊


GABBY (Instagram: @gabbykushevsky)

(Parker X June 2014)

coming soon...



(Jackson X Farrah 2013)

Hi. Just thought I’d touch base and show you some current pics of Jax.   He is the love of my life.  Kids are all grown and gone now so he’s my one and only baby. He honestly is the best dog ever.  I get compliments wherever I take him. If I wasn’t an empty nester right now I would be interested in your new litter.  Def sometime in the future! Not sure if I ever told you this, but I work for a hospital and Jax comes with me as a therapy dog.  I got him certified.  The hospice patients love him especially.  He is so gentle and loving. He comes with me 3 days a week.  He is so well socialized and loves kids. He hops up the the bed and they just love him to death.  



Romeo lives with 4 other Bellaclan dogs...

We made it home and Romeo acted like he has always lived here. Not shy or afraid of anything. smile emoticon. He is settled in to his kennel, staring at me. Won't give in to sleep, so I am headed up to bed so he can relax. Romeo is a darling - - thank you so much!! Haha...Tavey is giving us boatloads of 'stink eye'! "You went on a road trip without me? And, you brought home that thing! The nerve!" Again, thank you for taking such good care of him. He is going to be a great little boy. We are very excited to have our mini Jackson here finally!   

Karla (Emerald Border Collies)



(Calvin X Tyra 2019)

coming soon...



Grand CH Bellaclan Rebel Heart at Passionbc (Jackson X Dime 2015)

Hi Laura!!
Just to let you know that everything Go very good with Clyde !!!! 😀😍 love him so much , he's just perfect tempérament !! Little bit Crazy Ahahah 😜 with my high energy activity and course he's always come with me for socialisation and work little bit , he's always sleeping ahahah i'm intense for him Lolll he love it so much and we have a great relation already because we work together!

Karine (Montreal)

bellaclan daisey dollar coin.jpg


(Parker X Farrah 2012) and (Jackson X Farrah 2013)

Both are quite the characters:) WE love them sooooo much!!!  They are all very very spoiled pups:) Hope all is well your way. We put our 16 1/2 year old dog down last month, heartbreaking. Horse show season is underway for me, one show done already, heading to another big one next week:)


MAYA (Instagram @mayapapayaexplores)

(Paden X Sasha 2017)

Coming soon...



(Jackson X Dime 2015) and (Paden X Sasha 2017)

Coming soon...


NEWT (Instagram @newt.adventure)

(Jackson X Dime 2015) and (Paden X Sasha 2017)

Coming soon...


SITKA (Instagram @sitkathebordercollie)

(Paden X Sasha 2018)

Coming soon...


KEPLER (Instagram @kepler_loves_toys)

(Paden X Sasha 2018)

Coming soon...


RANGER (Instagram @rangerbordercollie)

(Denali X Vallen 2016)

Coming soon...


NOVA and STAR (Instagram @acollie828)

(Boomer X Felicity 2008) and (Parker X Ava 2010)

Pictured in Australia. 

Ambre Smith DVM (Noblestarzz Border Collies)


BINGO (Instagram @bingomeetsworld)

(Parker X Onion 2016)

Coming soon...


BERNARDO (Instagram @serafimdogs)

(Calvin X Dime 2019) Co-bred by Christy Hittner

CH Shepstone N Bellaclan El Capitan, handled in the USA by Kim Halcom. Bernardo lives in Barbados.

Coming soon...


PIPPIN (Instagram @pippin_the_brown_border_collie)

(Calvin X Harlow 2020)


Hi Laura!!

Sweet Pippin (FKA Crush) is getting soooo big!!! I love him! He’s sooo corky and has a boat-load of character. We’ve practiced lots of tricks and skills and he’s learned a lot and has become quite well behaved. 


I took a zoom puppy class where he gets two days of in class training in a small group with trainers a week and they told me that Pippin is their favourite (the owners want to take him home with them!!)


Have a great weekend! :)


Any Stark


LUCKSHIRE (Instagram @heart_attack_in_black_hairdye)

(Paden X Sasha 2017)

I'd been dreaming of owning a Border Collie since childhood, and when Laura had this litter and offered me a pup I could not turn it down! Luckshire (aka Lucky) has been nothing but a blessing since day one. An easier and more enthusiastic partner couldn't be had! He is my best friend, my goofy boy, and a dream come true. We have been working together towards Therapy Dog Work and hopefully agility in the future, he will be coming to the barn with me, and he has begun basic training this past winter for recreational sledding with my husky mutt as well. He loves everything and everyone and has been nothing short of a blessing for my first dog, a husky mix, who has severe anxiety issues! I'm forever grateful to Laura for breeding the best dog I'll ever own, and will not hesitate in the future to go back to her for another!

Nickolas Fountain


PIPER (Instagram @dreambellbordercollies)

(Paden X Sasha 2018)

Coming soon...


KATE (Instagram @thebordercollie_kate)

(Hudson X Locket  2020)

Coming soon...


RONALD (Instagram @bellaclansfireball_on_ice)

(Channing X Martina  2020)

Coming soon...


TILLY (Instagram @tilly_thebc)

(Channing X Payton  2020 - CO-BRED BY RACHEL BRUNET)

Coming soon...


MILLIE (Instagram @millie_the_bordercollie__)

(Channing X Payton  2020 - CO-BRED BY RACHEL BRUNET)

Coming soon...


JADE (Instagram @jade.thebordercollie)

(Channing X Payton  2020 - CO-BRED BY RACHEL BRUNET)

Coming soon...


SCOUT (Instagram @mr.scout_thebordercollie)

(Channing X Payton  2020 - CO-BRED BY RACHEL BRUNET)

Coming soon...

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