Vivien is Available!


Viv is a dark seal and white, female, Border Collie, born March 21, 2022. Her dad is Joey and her mom is TeslaVivien's AKC registration name is Bellaclan Dance For Me. Viv is on the smaller side and I suspect she will be no more than 33-35 lbs at maturity.


Viv is veterinarian inspected, and has THREE sets of vaccinations (all she needs is rabies and we don't give that till 6 months old). She has been de-wormed every two weeks starting at 2 weeks of age. She is Microchipped and we have pre-paid for AKC Reunite registration for her new owner. She comes with AKC limited (NON-BREEDING) registration that we will automatically transfer into the new owners name. She comes with a limited health warrantee for crippling hip and elbow dysplasia for FIVE YEARS, in writing as outlined on this Contract. Both of her parents have been hip and elbow OFA tested and they have also been fully Embark DNA tested as well as OFA BAER hearing tested and OFA CAER Eye Tested. 


Viv has been temperament evaluated. She has been raised with kids and dogs of all ages. She gets along with all dogs, is more submissive, and is never one to start an argument. She is fully kennel trained and sleeps in a kennel all night without issue. She has started her potty training and she is doing very well, she is a clean dog and has yet to mess her kennel a single time! Viv has had basic training and leash work and we will continue this till we find her the perfect home. Viv is a fairly quiet dog, she only barks in her kennel when she has to potty. Like all of our dogs Viv has has a lot of early socialization. She was raised using the Puppy Culture method as well as the AVID Dog method. She is good off leash and stays close-by (note: she needs formal recall training before you can trust her 100%, but she naturally stays with her people!). She has been for several car rides, and has visited many places including pet stores, nurseryHome Depot, TSC, and water parks. She is a medium energy girl, more on the laid back side BUT has lovely toy drive and is very biddable! She would do well in many types of homes, city or country, with or without kids, and would be suited to both a medium activity level home and one that is active. She would do well in many dog sports as she has lovely toy drive and also is VERY biddable. BUT keep in mind she is medium energy so probably best in a novice/beginner sport home vs. an advanced one. She would excel in nosework, rally, obedience, and some light agility. She is very level headed!

Vivs price is $3500 USD.  If you think you might be the interested in Viv please fill out an application HERE


Viv photos, medical record and videos are located below!

8 Weeks old

Available in MARYLAND, USA

7 Weeks old
6 Weeks old

Vivien - 6 weeks old


Vivien - 6 weeks old


Vivien - 6 weeks old


Vivien - 6 weeks old

4 Weeks Old
3 weeks old

Vivien 3 weeks